I was born in Madrid in 1973, April the 14th.  I have two degrees, in Journalism and in Advertising by Universidad Complutense, Madrid. I have been Creative Director and copywriter for over 20 years in advertising agencies. Actually working as independent journalism, writer and editor.



El Ciervo cultural and philosophy magazine, since 2017

 JotDown cultural magazine since 2016.

About History in Spanish local magazines and in Jimenez Diaz Cultural Foundation,  2004-2008.



Shakespeare y Cervantes: diferentes parecidos, Guadarramistas, 2016 (A biographical comparison between both writers on their 400th anniversary)

Su Santidad pecadora, secretos de los papas de Roma, Guadarramistas 2015 (Your Holy Highness, secrets from the Popes of Roma)


Journalism from El Ciervo Magazine 2017

Science Comunnication Jot Down 2017 (Journalism)

International contest of Novel for Kids Altazor 2016

Short tale Contest GrupMTM, 2015

Short Tale Contest Victor Chamorro 2014, Hervas

Poetry 2015 in "Un café con literatos" Contest.

Short Tale Contest Emilio Carrère 2015



La guitarra de Quefeo, Altazor, Peru 2017 (novel for children)

1ª antología de relatos, (Short Tales Antology) Serial Ediciones 2015, grupMTM, primer relato, Garganta de Bronce (short stories)

Short tales for Ediciones con Talento, 2015

Short tales for Hipalage Editors, 2010, 2011.

Novel "Zoo de Humanos", (Human Zoo) Luarna, 2009, Madrid.

Against the wall: a biographical short tale


- Has declared that is a writer.

- I see. Leave us alone.

- Before you come in, must know has been copywriter, writer since was eleven, with a few thousand books read.

- So we are facing a smartass! What did you say he writes? Blurbs?

- Novels, children books, essay, poetry, articles.

- Don´t even say a word, revolutionary, poet, pedophile. At least he is not also a journalist.

- I think he also is.

- What a piece of shit! Don´t talk me more, I´m coming.

- Good morning, lieutenant.

- Realize the trouble you´re in?

I nodded with my head, trying looks contrite. It´s a coward way, I know, but braves delays too much

in be free.

- You are charged with be engaged in a regrettable and underpaid trade. Admit it?

- Love writes the most, yes, I´m guilty.

- Can be sentenced to life.

- Lieutenant, may I say something in my defense?

- Wanna adding more? Really?

- Well, yes. Listen, from words, even you don´t eat, live on. But without them you are definitely die.

I´m hopeless and should have close my mouth. But there is something positive in a rock pile. It lets you many time to write.




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MST is a writer and journalist with books of fiction and essay for adults, stories for children, and articles about culture and science. Awarded in journalism and literature.